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Innovation Air Conditioning (IAC) have been trading successfully for 21 years as a mechanical and building services contractor since its formation. We undertake a full range of mechanical services incorporating a variety of disciplines including ventilation, air conditioning, controls/BMS works, public health services, heating and cooling, thermal insulation, water treatment to commercial, health care installations, and offices for both traditional and design and build projects. Typically, our projects range in size from between £150k to £4.5m.

IAC have built a strong reputation within the industry for going the extra-mile for the delivery of the project, paying attention to detail  with a thoroughness that starts at the initial Pre-Construction and tendering phase, ensuring that we price a scheme that effectively represents the engineering requirements of the Mechanical Systems.

This attention to detail is maintained throughout the project with Project Management and site installations aiming to hand over all of our projects at commissioning defect free.

The Managing Director and Directors are involved personally on each and every project to ensure that the high standards we set are maintained. Our experienced team of project managers deliver each project with the same level of commitment and enthusiasm from inception to completion, passing down the same ethos, expectation and attention to detail to our reliable and dedicated team of sub-contractors; ensuring we delivering each project to exceptionally high standard.

We have an in-house CAD department who assist in the engineering processes, producing accurate dimensioned working drawings for all of our projects . Taking a pro-active approach to problem solving, our engineers often attend site with our clients, troubleshoot and re-engineer any issues that may be discovered throughout the course of the project and produce working solutions, keeping in mind the requirements of the design brief. 

We work closely with the Clients’ design teams to ensure successful completion of projects achieving the Clients’ needs. 

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